The Art of Acceleration

Some of the world’s most respected car makers have chosen to work side by side with Michelin.

Their high-performance cars need tires that can harness their power.

So they turn to Michelin for the know-how and experience to help co-develop the way the tire and car will work together to achieve the best performance. And because we share their passion for driving.

Designing performance together for over 50 years

One of our longest standing partnerships is with Porsche.

We worked together on many of their iconic vehicles, including the record-breaking 918 Spyder.

And we’re proud to partner with Porsche Motorsports, especially in their return to LeMans in 2014.

Meet a few of our other partners
and see how we build driving pleasure together

  • More on Porsche

    Michelin and Porsche have a lot in common, such as a strong passion for innovative engineering and excellence in motorsports. As a world leader in performance tires, Michelin played a crucial role in helping create some of the fastest cars on the track. The MICHELIN® Pilot® Sport PS2™ N-Spec Tire is our exclusive tire for Porsche drivers and one of our best high-performance tires of all time. Michelin is the exclusive global tire supplier for the Porsche 918 Spyder with the only tire approved for its use – the MICHELIN® Pilot® Sport Cup 2 tire.

  • More on BMW

    From the very beginning, BMW and Michelin have had a strong partnership combining innovative technology with high-performance racing. Starting with the BMW 635i CSL fitted with MICHELIN® MXX Tires, we've worked hard to push the limits of performance while also designing the right tire for everyday driving.

  • More on Corvette

    First, we teamed up with Corvette Racing to win the American Le Mans Series and 24 Hours of Le Mans. Then, we engineered tires for the Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 supercar. Now we've created custom tuned tires for all high-performance Corvettes. It's part of our shared commitment to developing innovative solutions for drivers who demand performance.

Maximilian Ahme, BMW M5 project leader

“ Our cooperation with MICHELIN goes back to 30 years. (...) We are totally satisfied with MICHELIN’s tires. That is why they exclusively equip our new M5.“

- Maximilian Ahme, BMW M5 project leader