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Having the right tire for your electric vehicle (EV) helps steer the world towards a more sustainable future.
At Michelin, we’re going the extra mile, committed to leading the charge in optimizing tire performance for your EV.
That’s why 8 out of 10 electric vehicle manufacturers use MICHELIN® tires.*

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Michelin is the pioneer and technology leader in tires for electric vehicles

In this video, learn more about the implications of Electric Vehicles on tires and Michelin's leadership in the performances that matter to EV consumers.

Michelin and Electric Vehicles

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Electric Car Charging

How Tires Can Affect Your EV's Range and Performance

Nelson Ireson - Writer / Jan 20, 2022

Time-tested advice and some new lessons about how to optimize the efficiency of an electric-vehicle's tires.

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How Michelin EV Tires Wrangle Torque to Unleash Huge EV Performance

Nelson Ireson - Writer / Jul 29, 2022

To better handle the near instant torque produced by EVs, Michelin uses advanced construction techniques, compounds, and more.

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Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for New EV Tires

Nelson Ireson - Writer / Jan 20, 2022

Noise, efficiency, and range are of primary importance when considering replacement tires for all-electric vehicles.

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Every EV That Michelin Makes Tires For

Nelson Ireson - Writer / Jan 20, 2022

From commuter cars to supercars, Michelin has the bases covered.


The Best Winter Tires for EVs

Nelson Ireson - Writer / Aug 9, 2022

Long wear, less noise, and greater efficiency are all important, but grip matters most.

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Legal Mentions

*Based on Michelin tire sales to electric vehicle manufacturers with annual sales projections (as of April 2022) of at least 1,000 vehicles in the United States and Canada.

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