Much like preparing for a big game, coaching your teen driver requires preparing mentally and practicing the skills that will land your team that big “W” (a safe and confident licensed teen driver). Ahead of National Teen Driver Safety Week, Michelin partnered with Emmitt Smith, NFL Hall of Famer and father of a teen driver, to share best practices for coaching teen drivers.

Coaching Your Teen Driver

Success on the road with your teen driver requires a focused and determined trainee and a confident and steadfast coach (that’s you). As you coach your teen from the sidelines (or passenger seat), remember these coaching tips:

1. Start with a game plan. Before you even get in the vehicle, review the goals and route with your teen. Discussing the various skills you both want to focus on during the upcoming lesson will help you keep your head in the game.

2. On the football field things can get heated, but behind the wheel is no place to let emotions run high. Don’t be afraid to call a “time out” when emotions rise – it can help ensure a safer and smoother training experience for both of you.

3. Review the play and prepare to run it again. After each on-road practice, ask your teen about how they handled a specific situation and point out how they might improve.

“As parents, we play a critical role in coaching our teens to be safe drivers. Having recently taught my son EJ how to drive, I know how nerve-wracking it can be for us – and them! Keeping a cool head on the road starts with a strategy and a plan – that’s where Michelin’s resources for coaching your teen driver can help.”

Good luck, Coach!

Key Plays

OFFENSIVE PLAYS include important proactive maneuvers all drivers need to master in order to confidently take the wheel. Common defensive plays include:

DEFENSIVE PLAYS include critical maneuvers and practices in response to road conditions and the drivers around us. Common defensive plays include:

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