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For Michelin, motorsports has always been a driver of innovation and performance. Today, however, the nature of motorsport has changed. 

Michelin uses racing as a critical laboratory for technological innovation to develop new product solutions as well as accelerating development of sustainable solutions that benefit everyone. These advances in the most extreme environment support the Michelin Group strategy to be a leader in sustainability mobility.  #weraceforchange

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Michelin and IMSA

Partners in Racing Performance

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Why is Michelin in IMSA? Michelin connects the track to the street within IMSA in several ways. Michelin has motorsports within its DNA, and its unique experience and relentless focus on innovation have made it the technical tire partner of choice for many top manufacturers and independent teams.

Why does Michelin partner with IMSA?


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Advance Technology

As part of its process, Michelin engineers and motorsport tire specialists work with all automotive brands and teams that race within the series. These engineers and specialists monitor tire performance, capture data, recommend performance insights and present development ideas to Michelin technical centers for developing the tires you drive on every day.

Since becoming Official Tire of IMSA in 2019, Michelin has captured research and development data from over one million miles in competition by covering all on-track sessions across three IMSA race series. That data capture and development help fuel the next generation of tire technology.

Michelin Engineers & Motorsport Tire Specialists help teams maximize tire performance on an IMSA Race weekend.

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Build Relationships

IMSA provides Michelin the opportunity to work with 18 automotive brands, such as Acura, Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Lamborghini, Lexus, Mazda, McLaren, Mercedes-AMG, Porsche and Toyota.
Michelin has an Original Equipment relationship with most of these 18 brands. That extra depth of understanding, data and creative insight pays off when Michelin works together with these brands to develop new tires for production vehicles.

Michelin and automotive brands work closely together to grow their partnership on and off track.

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Engage With Our Fans

Ultimately, IMSA is for the fans. The passionate enthusiasts come to an IMSA race to see and engage with their favorite cars and drivers at track. This space provides an opportunity for fans to connect with Michelin and to learn more about the technology Michelin has developed.



Fans can learn more about Michelin’s wide range of products and interact directly with Michelin Tire Experts.


The Michelin Pilot Sport Family

Michelin has developed a whole range of performance tires. No matter what performance factors you are looking for - speed, grip, handling, or all of the above - these sports tires are designed to offer it all.
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MICHELIN Pilot® Sport Cup 2 R


4w 97 3528702644577 tire michelin pilot sport cup 2 235 slash 35 zr19 91y xl a main 1 30
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Engineered for ultra-high performance sports vehicles, the MICHELIN® Pilot® Sport Cup 2 R track tire is the Ultimate lap time smasher.

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MICHELIN Pilot® Sport Cup 2


4w 97 3528702644577 tire michelin pilot sport cup 2 235 slash 35 zr19 91y xl a main 1 30
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Track day after track day, make the most of your sports car. Developed in partnership with AMG SLS Coupe Black Series, Porsche 918 Spyder and 911 GT3, and Ferrari 458 Speciale. 

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MICHELIN Pilot® Sport 4 S


4w 240 3528706263095 tire michelin pilot sport 4 s 255 slash 35 zr19 96y xl a main 1 30
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Genuine Passion. Exceptional Drives. Derived from the legendary MICHELIN® PILOT® Super Sport, there is a new #1 in max performance summer tires.

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MICHELIN Pilot® Super Sport


plt ss1q
Most Awarded Icon

Born from endurance racing, MICHELIN® Pilot® Super Sport gives you the exhilaration of driving the best performing street tire in the world.

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MICHELIN Pilot® Sport 4


4w 238 3528700093414 tire michelin pilot sport 4 245 slash 40 zr18 97y xl a main 1 30
Most Awarded Icon

From mind to road. Instantly. Adapt to the road with precision handling with safety made to last, steering control[1] and longevity.[2]

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MICHELIN Pilot® Sport 5


tire michelin pilot sport 5 225 slash 40 zr18 92y xl a main 1 30 nopad two thirds
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Live each driving moment to the fullest.  Amplify sport performance made to last with the MICHELIN® PILOT® Sport 5 tire.


MICHELIN Pilot® Sport EV


tire pilotev left one quarter
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Electrified road control made to last

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MICHELIN Pilot® Sport All Season 4


4w 363 3528709347266 tire michelin pilot sport a slash s 4 245 slash 40 zr18 97y xl a main 1 30
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All-season design with superior performance that stands out from the crowd.

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MICHELIN Pilot® Sport A/S 3+

plt as3p1q
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The Pilot® Sport A/S 3+ is Michelin’s ultimate Ultra High Performance All-Season tire combining summer levels of wet and dry grip with cold weather and snow mobility.

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MICHELIN Pilot® Alpin® 5™


4w 323 3528708173156 tire michelin pilot alpin 5 235 slash 45 r18 98v xl a main 1 30
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MICHELIN® Pilot® Alpin® 5™ tires offer control whatever the winter conditions.

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