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From track to road : choose your power 

Competition, performance, and innovation have always been part of Michelin’s history.
With a great wealth of knowledge gleaned from many years of involvement in the most demanding motorcycle championships, Michelin launched the Power range of hypersport performance tires in 2020: Power Slick 2, Power Cup 2, Power GP, Power 5, and the Power Performance tires.

Choosing a hypersport performance tire

The choice of tire depends on the type of riding. Michelin has developed the Power tire range, with each tire containing a different mix of technologies, so that you can find the perfect tire to suit your needs.

This premium sportbike tire has been developed for performance on the road without compromising safety.
Its performance has been recognized:

  • By independent testing organisations, winning several awards for its excellent grip on wet surfaces.
  • By motorcycle manufacturers: The Power 5 is approved as original equipment on the Honda CB1000R

No need to change tires,  the MICHELIN Power GP tire is a 50/50 track day which offers extraordinary wet and dry grip.

  • Michelin recommends this tire for track day newcomers.
  • Its 2CT technology, developed in MotoGP™ provides maximum grip.  

Developed so that you can get the adrenaline pumping at track days. The road legal MICHELIN Power Cup 2 tire also provides high performance on the road.

KTM have adopted this tire as the original equipment fitment for the Duke 890 R.

The MICHELIN POWER Performance Cup tire line is ideal for both intermediate and advanced riders.

The treaded version of the MICHELIN POWER Performance Slick tire is optimized for 600cc and larger motorcycles offering fast warm up times and excellent feedback.

  • Michelin recommends this tire for track day newcomers.
  • Its 2CT technology, developed in MotoGP™ provides maximum grip.  

The MICHELIN Power Rain tire will offer you extreme grip, even in the rain.

The special mix compound has been developed for maximum grip in wet conditions with a tread pattern with a very high groove ratio for optimal water evacuation.

Developed for 300cc motorcycles, the MICHELIN Power Cup Evo is a versatile tire approved for road usage.

A plug and play tire with excellent grip, which can be used immediately without any specific  adjustment. Tire warmers are recommended, not mandatory.

Did you know: 

Michelin is constantly developing new innovations in order to obtain the best possible performance. Each tire in the MICHELIN Power Range contains its own specific mix of carbon black and silica.
Silica provides better grip on wet surfaces and faster warm-up times in cooler temperatures.
Carbon black maximizes grip in dry conditions and resistance to wear when the tire is subject to severe strain from sporty riding.
Many innovations have been developed thanks to Michelin's long-standing involvement in motorsport which is a proving ground for new technology.

Learn more about Michelin's motorsport history

Michelin returned to MotoGP™ in 2016 as the official and exclusive tire supplier and since then, has broken 44 track records out of a possible 60.

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