MICHELIN® Selfseal® Technology

Designed to keep you moving forward.

Technology fixes flats before they happen.

MICHELIN® Selfseal® Technology is optimized for the objects most likely to leave you stranded roadside (like nails and screw) by sealing most punctures up to ¼” (6mm). It remains an environmentally friendly option by utilizing a natural rubber sealant material that has no impact on rolling resistance and maintains all other tire performances. Merging a shared vision for automotive innovation, MICHELIN® Energy™ Saver A/S Selfseal® was exclusively designed for use on Chevrolet Bolt models and is available at all certified GM dealers.



The MICHELIN® Total PerformanceTM

Like all Michelin tires, a tire MICHELIN® Selfseal® Technology complies with the MICHELIN® Total Performance™ commitment to developing and manufacturing tires that deliver maximum performance across several performance parameters at once.