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As a trusted partner for the journey, Michelin has guided travelers to the best trails, hotels and culinary destinations for more than 120 years. Michelin’s maps and guides are a product of Michelin’s longtime commitment to enhance mobility, not only by making the world’s best tires, but also by providing information that will add to the overall experience of traveling. Michelin’s portfolio of experiences recently expanded to serve as a selection authority for wine by acquiring Robert Parker Wine Advocate and hotels with the acquisition of Tablet Hotels.


A beautiful garden, street art, refreshing Cuban ice cream in Miami or hit the beach and tuck into fresh seafood and craft beer in Islamorada, Florida

hub museum of graffiti

Italian Renaissance Gardens, Graffiti, and Ice Cream in Miami

December 5, 2020

Start your day in Miami in a beautiful garden, snap some photos of street art, and enjoy a refreshing Cuban ice cream.

hub islamorada

Brews, Views, and The Beach in Islamorada

December 14, 2020

Swim, snorkel, and eat ultra-fresh seafood in the quaint town of Islamorada, in the Florida Keys.


NASA, art, and Ethiopian food in Houston; history, barbecue, and a state park in Galveston

hub houston downtown

Explore Central Houston On Foot And By Car

December 2, 2020

Go to the moon with NASA, see paintings by Black Houstonians, and tuck into Ethiopian and pub grub.

hub galveston

History, Barbecue, And A State Park In Galveston

December 2, 2020

Drive an hour to Galveston for beach, barbecue, and heritage houses.


Study up on civil rights, walk the Beltline, and eat Caribbean food in Atlanta, or drive to Blue Ridge for a scenic train ride and a forest hike.

hub atlanta mural

Hit the Streets of Atlanta On Foot, By Bike, and By Car

November 16, 2020

Study up on civil rights, walk the Beltline, and eat Caribbean food on this one day tour of Atlanta

hub chattahoochee national forest aska road

Hit The Trail And Ride The Rails in Blue Ridge, Georgia

November 16, 2020

A scenic train ride, hiking, and a pint of craft beer in quaint Blue Ridge, Georgia


Dive into Gullah history and immerse yourself in art in Charleston and see church ruins, a verdant state park, and a drive-in cinema in Beaufort.

hub charleston 1day

Baked Goods, Gullah History and Cuisine, And American Art in Charleston.

October 12, 2020

Dive deep into Gullah history, immerse yourself in art, eat Gullah fare, and sip a local craft beer on this one-day driving tour of Charleston.

hub st helena island

An Overnight Trip To Quaint Beaufort, South Carolina

October 12, 2020

See important historical and culture sights in and around Beaufort, stroll beneath Spanish moss, and go to the drive-in in Beaufort, South Carolina.


Explore a few of Chicago’s vibrant neighborhoods

hub milwaukee skyline

History, Brews, and Museums in Milwaukee

November 18, 2020

Stay the night in Milwaukee for motorcycles, fine art, craft beer, and Somali food

hub pilsen murals

Explore A Few of Chicago’s Vibrant Neighborhoods

November 18, 2020

Visit an aquarium or an art museum (or two), inhale a steamer of dumplings, snap some street art photos, and see a Frank Lloyd Wright house.

Los Angeles

Spend the day hiking and gallery-hopping in Ojai, or stay the night in Paso Robles wine country.

hub ojai valley

A Day Trip from LA to Ojai

October 1, 2020

Breathe in fresh mountain air in Ojai as you hike, shop, and sip craft beer

hub pasorobles vineyards

An Overnight Trip to Paso Robles Wine Country

October 1, 2020

Drive three and a half hours out of LA to Paso Robles’ wonderful wine country


Art from around the globe and bookstores galore in Philadelphia; foliage, history, and quaint towns along the Delaware River in Bucks County

hub philadelphia center

A Day in and around Center City, Philadelphia

October 1, 2020

See art from around the globe, stroll along the river, and find new reads at indie bookstores in Philadelphia

hub bowmans hill tower

History and Views on a Bucks County Road Trip

October 1, 2020

Foliage, history, and quaint towns along the Delaware River

San Francisco

Drive out of the Bay Area for two road trips along Northern California’s spectacular coastline

hub mendocino headlands aerial 1 brendan mcguigan

Get Out of Town With A Road Trip Up The Coast to Mendocino

June 11, 2020

Roll down the windows and head up the coast from San Francisco to Mendocino, then back down through Healdsburg

hero montara beach

A Coastal Road Trip From San Francisco to Half Moon Bay

June 11, 2020

Get out of town on a leisurely road trip from San Francisco to Half Moon Bay, with fun stops along the way


Soak up Dallas’ green spaces and vibrant arts, food, and culture scene on two walking and driving tours

hub dallasskyline

One Day in Dallas on Foot and by Car

June 22, 2020

Explore Dallas on foot and by car, from downtown art and a botanical garden to craft beer and arepas

hub bishopartsdistrict

Exploring The Coolest Neighborhoods in Dallas

June 22, 2020

From Uptown to Bishop Arts District, take a two day tour around Dallas on foot and by car


Drive north into the Hudson Valley for historic homes, museums, and small town vibes, or head to the eastern tip of Long Island for more art, plus seafood and beaches

hub hudsonriver

A Day Trip To New York’s Hudson Valley

July 31, 2020

Tour historic homes, see contemporary art, and sip afternoon tea all in the lower Hudson Valley.

hub montauk lighthouse

An Overnight Trip to The Hamptons

July 31, 2020

Tour contemporary art museums, eat just-caught seafood, and relax at the beach in The Hamptons.

Washington, DC

Drive an hour and a half from Washington, DC and you can be in beautiful Shenandoah National Park or in the quaint Chesapeake Bay town of St. Michaels

hub blackrock summit

An Overnight Trip through Shenandoah National Park

July 31, 2020

Cruise Shenandoah National Park’s stunning Skyline Drive, sip some local craft beers, and stay the night in quaint Staunton, Virginia.

hub st michels harbor

A Day Trip to Coastal St. Michaels, Maryland

July 31, 2020

Smell the sea air in the Chesapeake Bay town of St. Michaels Maryland.

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