Michelin CrossClimate

MICHELIN® CrossClimate® Tires are exceptional all-season tire that maintains traction and stability when driving in wet, dry or in light snow conditions throughout its treadlife. MICHELIN® CrossClimate® tires offer long tread life even under heavy loads, while providing the safe, comfortable ride you expect from MICHELIN.

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Latest Innovation

Designed to perform in every climate condition, with excellent wet and dry braking and up to one extra year of tread life. Proven All-Season Performance Made to Last[1][2][3][4]

  • All-Season
  • 3PMSF
  • Mud and Snow

Stay On Time Without the Down Time. Outstanding combination of longevity, reliability and year-round traction including 3PMSF[1] on all road surfaces for today's most demanding commercial vehicles.

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