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Michelin Tyres To Soles

For more than a century Michelin has guaranteed the reliability, safety and performance of tires for all types of vehicles. 

So it’s no surprise that today Michelin has applied its innovative approach and expertise in rubber, traction and durability to a range of soles for high performance shoes.

safety footwear
Safety Footwear

We have always pushed the boundaries of what’s possible and now you can truly experience that innovation first-hand with our range of MICHELIN work boots. Designed for heavy duty performance using cutting edge technology.

sports and outdoor
Sports and Outdoor

Shoes are to people what tyres are to a vehicle, the only thing connecting the user to the ground. We have developed a range of soles to use in sports and different terrains when outdoors. 

Product of the month: ECOLAF


A range of soles have been specifically designed for traction and adherence on different terrains giving maximum comfort and protection when working. Keeping your feet firmly on the ground when you need it the most!

Product of the month: BATES RALLYFORCE

fashion and lifestyle
Fashion & Lifestyle

As well as using our technology to develop high performance soles we have also created a range of everyday soles and partnered up with fashion and lifestyle brands across the globe.

Product of the month: CAMPER BRUTUS TREK

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