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You need to CHANGE A TIRE OF ROAD BIKE WITH INNER TUBE ? Michelin how explains you to proceed in this video tutorial.


Before mounting your tire, equip yourself with the following material :

  • Wheel rim
  • Rim tape
  • Two tire levers
  • Tire
  • Inner tube
  • Pump


Here is step by step on how to change correctly a Road bike tire with an inner tube. Make sure to respect the rolling direction of the tire, to arrange the inner tube to avoid any friction and to adjust the pressure of tire adapted to your use and weight.

  1. Verify the state of the rim tape. Change it if needed : a damaged tape will favour flats.
  2. Place the rim tape starting by valve's hole.
  3. Use the valve to keep the hole well centred.
  4. Position the rim tape with a tire lever.
  5. Insert the first bead of the Road tire inside the wheel rim.
  6. Slightly inflate the inner tube : it has to remain flexible and bend if you put it on your finger.
  7. Position the inner tube inside the tire starting from the valve.
  8. Insert the second bead always beginning to the opposite side of the valve.
  9. Make symmetrically light pressures on each side of the tire, along the wheel rim up to the valve, to prop up well the tire.
  10. Remove the inner tube from the bottom of the wheel rim and the bead with the help of the valve.
  11. Verify that the inner tube is not stuck between the bead and the wheel rim to avoid pinch flats.
  12. Inflate the Road tire without exceeding the maximum pressure indicated on the tire's sidewalls.
  13. Verify that the tire is correctly positioned on the wheel rim.
  14. Do not exceed the authorized maximal pressure.
  15. Adjust the pressure of the tire according to your weight and your use of Road bike (read the article on tire pressure).
  16. Do not forget to verify the pressure of your Road bike tire before every ride. A pressure well adapted is more comfortable and gives better performances !

Do not forget to verify the pressure of your Road bike tire before every ride. A pressure well adapted is more comfortable and gives better performances !

How to Mount a Michelin Road Bike Tire - Michelin Bike

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