Michelin Recalls Small Quantity of Passenger Tires Sold in Canada

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Michelin North America (Canada) Inc. has announced a voluntary recall of 377 MICHELIN® CrossClimate SUV tires sold in Canada beginning on Sept. 25, 2018.

The tires subject to the market action do not bear the requisite sidewall markings for maximum load, maximum pressure and ply description. The missing sidewall information resulted from an internal logistics error.

No accidents or injuries have been reported to the Company as a consequence of the non-compliant markings on the tires.

The MICHELIN CrossClimate SUV tires subject to the market action were sold in one size only, 235/55R18 104V XL (showing date codes 1818 or 1918), as replacement tires for SUVs, CUVs or minivans.

Consumers who may have purchased these tires from a dealer in Canada are eligible to receive replacement tires at no additional charge through authorized Michelin dealers. Claims must be filed before the deadline, May 31, 2019. Consumers seeking more information should call 888.971.3801. Michelin-authorized dealers should contact 877.724.2835 for more information about servicing consumer claims.


For your reference these are examples of requisite sidewall markings for maximum load, maximum pressure and ply description:

good treadplies 2016
good dot 2016
good maxload pressure 2016
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