Tire replacement chart (21 replacements)

      If your current tire has been discontinued, we have likely replaced it with an even better option.
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      Last update: 10/16/14
      Discontinued Tire Replaced by Date of replacement
      4x4 Synchrone
      December 2011
      Cross Terrain SUV
      January 2013
      June 2012
      Energy E3A
      June 2012
      March 2014
      Energy XH1
      February 2009
      Energy XT1
      May 2009
      July 2012
      August 2012
      Latitude X-Ice
      March 2011
      December 2009
      Pilot Exalto A/S
      July 2013
      Pilot LTX
      July 2009
      Pilot Sport A/S
      May 2009
      Pilot SX MXX3
      March 2009
      Weatherwise II
      June 2012
      April 2014
      X Radial LT
      March 2010
      XC LT4
      March 2010
      X-Ice Xi2
      March 2013