We at Michelin share your passion for the road and the track. Go behind the scenes to see how races are won, and how the world’s best car makers continually strive to improve your driving experience.

Master the racetrack

We love motorsports because they put our knowledge and experience to the ultimate test.

That's why we've been doing it for over 120 years, with countless podium appearances.

Go behind the scenes at races like 24 Hours of Le Mans to see how we work
with teams and drivers to maximize the performance of their cars.

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Bring top
performance to
the streets

We don't just let the pros have all the fun. Our top performance tyres take racing innovation to your own car.

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Our commitment to bringing you exceptional performance means exploring and pushing all the boundaries. Find out how we develop the best tire technologies.

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Chosen by the best

We work with the world's top car makers to co-develop tires for their most powerful vehicles. Partners like Porsche share our total commitment to perfection, allowing us to innovate together.

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See inside the world's most extraordinary cars

Incredible attention to engineering and design detail allows supercars to combine top performance with style and comfort. These exclusive vehicles will get any car-lover’s blood pumping.

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Drive like a pro

With all the test drives and racing that we do, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to safely push a car and stay in control. Check out these tips from one of our experts on how to get the most out your drive on the street and how to prepare a day at the track.