CONSUMER UPDATE: Michelin Issues Update on July 2013 Voluntary Safety Recall For Some Of Its Light Truck Replacement Tires.

Michelin has professionally screened all of the previously recalled tires in our inventory including all tires returned from our dealers’ inventory. These have never been mounted. All inspected tires that have proven to be free from defect, have been clearly marked with a green dot as seen in the photograph below. These tires have begun to be reintroduced into the Michelin distribution network.


These tires, which are within the DOT identifier and production periods listed above, have been 100% inspected and are certified to be free from defect. To signify their inspection, the tires have been marked with a green dot at the end of the DOT number.





Michelin Issues Voluntary Safety Recall For Some Of Its Light Truck Replacement Tires

Michelin is voluntarily recalling certain sizes of its MICHELIN® LTX® M/S 2, MICHELIN® X® Radial LT2 and MICHELIN® Latitude® Tour tires. These tires are typically found on light trucks and SUVs.


  • The tires were produced between September 2012 and early June 2013.
  • Sizes are as follows:
    • MICHELIN LTX M/S 2: P275/55R20 111T RBL, P265/65R18 112T and P265/60R18 109T ORWL
    • MICHELIN X Radial LT2: P265/65R18 112T and P275/55R20 111T
    • MICHELIN Latitude Tour: P255/60R19 108S and P255/70R18 112T
  • Michelin is recalling approximately 100,000 tires in order to retrieve an estimated 2,500 tires (about 2.5% of the recalled population).
  • Affected tires could have partial or full sidewall perforations that could cause them to experience loss of air pressure.


Michelin recommends removal of these tires as soon as possible. To reduce any inconvenience for consumers, Michelin will replace any tires from the list below on their vehicles even if they are not part of the 2,500 known affected tires. The removed tires will be replaced with a similar product free of charge.


To return and replace these tires at no cost, please visit your Michelin dealer for assistance. To locate a Michelin dealer, click on the link below.

If you have questions or concerns after visiting your Michelin dealer, please contact Michelin Consumer Care at

1-855-851-4951. Available 8am - 8pm ET (Mon – Fri).


To review the letter Michelin is sending to registered owners of this tire, click on the PDF below.


To find out if a tire is affected by the recall:


  1. Determine if it is one of the following products:


    Tire NameTire DescriptionDOT SequenceDOT Production Periods
    LTX M/S2 MICHELIN LTX M/S2 P275/55R20 111T RBL B99Y 56EX 3812 to 2113
    LTX M/S2 MICHELIN LTX M/S2 P265/65R18 112T B9XP 001X 0513 to 2113
    LTX M/S2 MICHELIN LTX M/S2 P265/60R18 109T ORWL B95E 788X 1513 to 2113
    X Radial LT2 MICHELIN X Radial LT2 P265/65R18 112T B9KA 003X 0513 to 2113
    X Radial LT2 MICHELIN X Radial LT2 P275/55R20 111T B99Y 001X 0513 to 2113
    Latitude Tour MICHELIN Latitude Tour P255/60R19 108S B9R1 W3WX 1913 to 2113
    Latitude Tour MICHELIN Latitude Tour P255/70R18 112T B9YU 99CX 1313 to 2113


    If it is not one of these products; the tire is not part of the recall. Within these tire lines; only 18”, 19” and 20” (rim diameter) tires are affected by the recall.


    If it is one of these products, check the DOT information to determine if the tire is affected by the recall as follows.


  2. The following illustration will show you how to read your tire's DOT markings. The DOT markings can be found on the sidewall just above the wheel image.


    If you have any questions concerning the tire’s DOT information, please contact Michelin Consumer Care at 1–800–231–5893. Available 8am–8pm EST Monday–Friday; 8:30am–4:30pm EST Saturday–Sunday.


    For your reference, below is an example on a standard DOT code.




    Week Year
    38 12
    39 12
    40 12
    41 12
    .... ....
    19 13
    20 13
    21 13

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