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Warranties (2 Warranties)

55,000 Mile Manufacturer's Treadwear Limited Warranty
Energy™ Saver LTX® tires carry a 55,000 mile limited warranty in addition to the standard materials and workmanship warranty for treadwear or mileage.
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Available on:
Energy™ Saver LTX® 
Speed Rating: [T]

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Availability, Pricing and Specs (1 part numbers)

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Part numbersTire Size, Load Index & Speed RatingMSRP $
02404265/60R18 110 T$325Inventory Available
Mileage WarrantyOE CodeSidewallUTQG Treadwear, UTQG Traction, UTQG TempRim Width Range (Min/Max)Section Width on Measuring Rim WidthOverall Diameterrevs/miTread Depth (in 32nds)Eco FeatureMax Load, Single
(lb @ PSI)
Tire Weight
55,000 MileFBSW560 A B7.5" - 9.5"10.7" on 8"30.568211Green X2125@4435

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  • In order to find your vehicle's options please check the following:<br />- The vehicle's window sticker, or a decal usually located on the side or rear of the vehicle<br />- The vehicle owner manual<br />- Your original sales invoice
  • Find the exact tire quickly using your tire size. Check your owner's manual or tire sidewall to find the required specifications.

    To find your vehicle's original equipment tire size please check the following:<br>- The tire placard located on the driver's door jamb<br>- Your owners manual<br>- On the glove compartment door<br>- Inside the fuel hatch or trunk lid<br>  You can also check your existing tire's designation on the sidewall. However, there is no guarantee that these are the original tire size unless they came on the vehicle new<br><br><div><img src="/assets/mi/system/images/contextual-help/R2-Size.png"></div>
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  • This three-digit number represents the width of the tire in millimeters (mm), measured from sidewall to sidewall. Since this measure is affected by the width of the rim, the measurement is done when the tire is on its intended rim size.  <div><img src="/assets/mi/system/images/contextual-help/R2-width.png" /></div>
  • The relationship of a tire's sidewall height to its section width.<div><img src="/assets/mi/system/images/contextual-help/R2-aspect.png" /></div>
  • The diameter of the rim in inches.<div><img src="/assets/mi/system/images/contextual-help/R2-diameter.png" /></div>
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