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Soccer Families Score with the Michelin Soccer Program


To date, the Michelin Soccer Program has donated more than $15 million in funds and equipment, including more than one million soccer balls, to more than 3,000 youth organizations in communities across the country. When it began over 15 years ago, about three million kids were playing soccer across the U.S. Today that number has grown to almost 18 million! This outreach program aims to create community involvement with local youth and soccer organizations through donations of soccer equipment, rebates on tire purchases, fundraising initiatives and support from its local tire dealers. The purpose and vision of the program is to pair Michelin tire dealers with youth soccer organizations to create long-term and mutually beneficial relationships. The program is a fun way to start off the soccer season.


During the 30-day program period, a customized certificate is sent to the organizations for distribution to families so they can take advantage of the free soccer gear giveaway. The families who participate simply take the certificate to the dealer to receive a high-quality soccer ball, soccer cinch bag, cooling towel or sports drink bottle, while supplies last. No purchase is necessary to receive these items.


The certificate will also include an exclusive mail-in rebate for future tire purchases, valid until December 31, 2014.


This year, through the Michelin Soccer Program, sweepstakes opportunities are available for a participating organization, a family within a participating organization and a general consumer by simply engaging with the tire dealer and their staff. The sweepstakes will help create excitement and raise awareness about the Michelin Soccer Program in communities nationwide.


Additionally, a monetary donation will be given to the participating organization. For each MICHELIN® tire sold to the general public during the specified 30-day program period, Michelin will make a $2 cash donation.


The Michelin Soccer Program not only facilitates the action of playing soccer but also goes a long way in making sure that local communities benefit from the donated funds that are often used to purchase jerseys, field equipment, bleachers, goal nets, field maintenance supplies and trophies.




Dealers are getting in the game and assisting their community




“The smile each player gives when you hand them their soccer ball is so rewarding. Every time a player walks into my store to pick up their soccer ball, we greet and talk to the player, introduce ourselves to the parents and tell them about my store. This is so easy to do and create new business.”


-Todd Haley,
Brothers Tire Sales



“What we liked about the program is the joy on the kids’ faces when they received the soccer ball. It brought new customers in to see all of the services we offer.”


-Kim Ruonavaara,
Hank’s Tire Pros and Muffler





Hear what soccer organizations are saying!



“On behalf of Akron Inner City Soccer Club, I would like to express our heartfelt thanks, to you, the Hamad Tire, and to everyone at the Michelin Soccer Program for giving us the opportunity to participate in the 2012 program. Individuals, foundations and organizations like Michelin are the reasons why our program continues to grow, and why it continues to make positive impacts in the lives of so many Akron inner city children.”


–Oladele Olabisi,
Akron Inner City Soccer Club



“We are very grateful for the Michelin Soccer Program. The program offers a chance to keep our registration fees affordable by providing quality equipment for our leaguewe use the free soccer balls at our practices and use the [donation] money we receive from tire sales to purchase nets and other equipment each year.”


–Brian Hinson,
Albemarle Parks & Recreation



“On behalf of the Milpitas PAL Soccer Board I would like to say thank you so much for all your support. We fly your banner every game and all weekend during our tournaments. You are such a great sponsor.”


–Noel Jackson,
Milpitas PAL Soccer





2014 Michelin Soccer Giveaways

This year, participating Michelin tire dealers are offering more giveaways to soccer organization families. In addition to the newly designed Michelin soccer ball with its vibrant colors and eye-catching geometric design are a number of soccer accessories. Available to players are soccer bags for small equipment, cooling towels to beat the heat of summer practices and water bottles for staying refreshed.





To learn more about the Michelin Soccer Program, call our Soccer Program Hotline at 1-877-894-3314, visit http://www.MichelinSoccer.com/?league.com, or send an email to soccer@trone.com.


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