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Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Protecting Our Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Like any manufacturer, Michelin relies on the benefits of local ecosystems. For example, around 40% of the rubber used by Michelin is natural rubber, which is a renewable resource that comes from trees. The Group is acutely aware of the important role of ecosystems and their growing fragility.

The Group has initiated a number of programs to abate its impact and to protect ecosystems and biodiversity:

  • Implemented programs to preserve fragile environments around certain facilities
  • Integrated ecosystem and biodiversity issues into the Michelin Performance and Responsibility process
  • Instilled awareness of the interactions between Group facilities and their local ecosystems
  • Complied with local ecosystem protection legislation and applying Group environmental standards where they are more demanding
  • Installed new processes and equipment to limit water consumption
  • Designed lighter tires, which use fewer raw materials during production and are more energy efficient and longer lasting

Our Initiatives in North America

Wildlife And Industry Together™ (W.A.I.T.™)

Wildlife And Industry Together™ (W.A.I.T.™) is designed to encourage corporate landowners to integrate wildlife habitat needs into corporate land management decisions. The WAIT program assists corporations, employees, facility neighbors and other groups who desire to develop environmental projects in partnership with each other.

For example, as South Carolina becomes increasingly developed, there is less land available for wildlife. Corporate landowners can offset habitat loss by devoting their underutilized lands to wildlife. This is achieved by matching site employees who are interested in wildlife with community partners to develop habitat plans.

Five Michelin sites are WAIT Certified:

  • Michelin, Sandy Springs
  • Michelin, Starr
  • Michelin Americas Research & Development, Laurens Proving Grounds
  • Michelin Americas Research Company (MARC), Greenville
  • Michelin Tire Corp, Earthmover Plant (US7), Lexington

Learn more about WAIT

Creating wildlife refuges at the Louisville, KY plant in the United States

At our facility in Louisville, Kentucky, Michelin joined forces with a local firm of wildlife biologists to transform two closed landfills into a wildlife refuge with forests, prairies, wetlands and wildflowers. Volunteers from both companies participated in a replanting campaign and the site now attracts birds, foxes, deer and other wild animals. The three-year project was completed in late 2011 and has earned Wildlife at Work certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council.

Learn more about the Wildlife Habitat Council